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Setup Office365 Mailbox on Samsung Android Device


This article covers the set up of Office365 Email app on their Android device with their Office 365 email.

NOTE: These screenshots were taken on a Samsung Galaxy Pro Tablet so these steps may look different on your device. Please consult your device manufacturer’s instructions/user guide for additional assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: The latest Android OS does not include an Email app; users should set up either Outlook or Gmail if using a newer device or OS.

1. Tap Settings.

Tablet home screen

2. Tap General and then tap Accounts. Then tap Add account.

General menu with Accounts sub-menu showing
  1. Tap General.
  2. Tap Accounts.
  3. Then tap Add account.

NOTE: Your device may store information on the accounts tied to your device somewhere else but it should be within the Settings menu.

3. Tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

Add accounts screen

4. Enter your campus email address and password. Then tap Manual setup.

Add Exchange ActiveSync account screen
  1. Enter your campus email address (e.g. keverdeen@fullerton.edu) and password.
  2. Tap Manual Setup.

5. Enter the Domain/username as username@ad.fullerton.edu. Then enter outlook.office365.com as the Exchange server. Then tap the right arrow.

Exchange server settings screen
  1. Enter the Domain/username as username@ad.fullerton.edu (e.g. tstark@ad.fullerton.edu).
  2. Enter your campus password (this may already be populated for you).
  3. Enter outlook.office365.com as the Exchange server name.
  4. Tap the right arrow at the top right of the screen to continue.

6. Tap OK.

Activation pop-up

7. Select your account options and then tap the right arrow.

Select your account options and then tap the right arrow at the top right of the screen to continue.

8. Modify your account name (if desired) and then tap Done.

Set up account screen

9. Tap OK when prompted about updating security settings.

Security update pop-up

NOTE: You must allow these security settings to be updated in order to use your campus email on your device.

10. View the requirements and then tap Activate.

Activate device administrator screen

11. You’re done!

Email app inbox

Once you start seeing your emails appear in the Email app, you’re all done!

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